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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
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British swimrun races, training and experiences

British swimrun is a fast growing sport. We are passionate about open water swimming, trail running and swim-running in beautiful places that make you feel alive.

That’s why we hand curate and personally experience everything we provide through this site.

We specialise in SwimRun, a new(ish) sport sweeping the world in  popularity, especially amongst those wanting to blend something different with triathlon, trail running or open water swimming.

Trail running and open water swimming are also huge parts of what we do and we offer coaching in both disciplines whether at beginner or high performance levels.

If, however, you’re reading this and Garmin stats, racing and everything that goes with it is just not your bag at all, and you just enjoy running or  swimming in the wild, or you want to experience it for the first time, then our guided runs, swims and swimruns are perfect for you. Multi-pace, so nobody is left behind, events where we just get out there and enjoy our time with nature.

British swimrun - David Trehane and Ben Hallam exit the water at Hokey Cokey Swimrun Roseland
Guided Tours

We don't currently have any guided run, swim or swimrun dates in the diary. 2024 dates being released soon.


Everyone who leads our activities is highly trained and possesses a wealth of experience in their particular discipline.
We are led by David Trehane, a very experienced swim runner, trail runner and open water swimmer, with coaching qualifications in open water swimming and trail running, as well as being a qualified lifeguard and lifeguard trainer assessor.

Our Values

Leave only footprints.
Bin more litter than you produced
Care for each other
These are all mantras that we live and operate by.
We spend our lives in nature's beauty and we want you to enjoy it too.


We are enthusiastic communicators.
We love nothing more than showing you the beautiful, scenic routes that we follow on a regular basis.
Our guided tours take you into whole new realms of each area that you may never have seen before